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The Pumpkin Craze and Blue Fruitsnacks

23 Sep

I don’t know about you, but when fall starts approaching, my mom goes on a baking spree. It wouldnt be that bad, except for the part that everything she bakes centers around pumpkin.
The thing with pumpkin is that its good in moderation. If you use it excessively, people will get sick. Take me for example: I eat pumpkin. I like pumpkin. And then after a full meal of pumpkin, I don’t like pumpkin because its coated my mouth with this strange flavor thats so odd I can’t describe it. That’s whats going on in my house.
Here’s a list of pumpkin related items:
1. Pumpkin poundcake
2. Pumpkin cookies
3. Pumpkin candy bought at the fairgrounds market
4. Pumpkins seeds on salads
5. Pumpkin pie
6. Pumpkin everything!!!
Oh geez, I’m gonna throw up.
And now, blue food.
I love edible blue creations. How about another list? (I’m in a list-making mood today.)
Blue things I love to eat:
1. Blue m&m’s
2. Blue popsickles
3. Blue ringpops
4. Blue airheads
5. Blue slushies
6. Blue rock candy
7. Blue salt water taffy
I like blue things as you can see and it urks me when I don’t get the blue candy. For example, my brother had a little cute package of phineas and ferb fruitsnacks. He opened the little plastic bag thing and poured out all the yummy treats. And, since he is such a good brother, he offered me one. I asked if I could have the only blue one. Guess what he said?
He said no.
And then he stuffed the fruitsnack in his mouth.
Apparently, I’m not the only one who is addicted to blue sweets. I swear, someday my tongue is going to turn blue permanently.


Our Random World…

19 Sep

The 57 on Heinz ketchup bottles represents the number of varieties of pickles the company once had.
Why in the world did they have that many pickles in the first place?? Gawd!! That has GOT to be unhealthy. (I’m such a hypocrite ’cause I love pickles.)

According to suicide statistics, Monday is the favored day for self-destruction.
Ok, this is awful. Mondays are already bad enough, we don’t need people dying left and right because they think they don’t matter. Geez. (No but seriously, I will write a serious post on this matter in the future.)

When you die your hair still grows for a couple of months.
Well, that’s just great. I’ll have split ends even when I’m dead.

The most money ever paid for a cow in an auction was $1.3 million.
Dude, it’s a freaking COW!! They eat, sleep, poop, and make the highway all smelly. Cows just aren’t worth it.

1 in 5,000 north Atlantic lobsters are born bright blue.
One word: MUTANTS!

Elephants are the only mammals that can’t jump.
Duuuuu of course they can’t jump! They have four frickin knees and weigh a ton!

When snakes are born with two heads, they fight each other for food.
Wow, I wonder what would have happened if I had been born with two heads. (Most likely the zombie apocalypse.)

Brain Dominance

16 Sep

Art is my life.
It’s so simple. I love art, breathe art, puke art, etc. etc. The ‘earth’ without ‘art’ is just ‘eh’. (Get it? Cause I separated the letters and stuff and yeah…) Art had become something I cannot separate myself from.
Anyway, my teacher was talking about the brain and how it effects our artistic abilities. (BTW my art teacher is totally awesome.) He said that right handed people are left brained and left handed people tended are right brained. Now, here’s the thing. The left side of the brain centers on symbols and time and being organized, in other words objective. The right side of the brain centers on visuals, geometry, poetry… In other words, the right side is subjective! Not objective. Also, the right hand is connected to the left brain, and the left hand is connected to the right brain. (I guess the wires in our head are crossed and that’s what makes us humans so damn crazy.) Basically, if you are left-handed, you may have a slight advantage over right-handed artists because of how your brain perceives things.
HOLD IT!! I said MAYBE. I never said it was definite. And now, I am going to prove that the slight advantage left-handed artists may or may not have is not the case for everyone. So don’t get discouraged.
I now this sounds wierd but fold your hands together. Which thumb is on the top? Now, cross your arms. Which arm is on top? If the right thumb is on top, it is a sign on left brain dominance. Same with the arm. Right arm on top=left brain dominance. Which means you have the possible disadvantage. However, my left thumb in on top, and when I cross my arms, my left arm is on top as well. Which means right-brain dominance and I could possibly have an advantage. Well, except for the fact that I am right-handed… But anyway, I use my left hand more than my right soooo I guess it’s a sign than I am completely confused and they cancel each other out and there is no longer an advantage or disadvantage for me and this blog entry is ridiculous.

Artistic Shoes and a Problematic English Class

14 Sep

Shhhh don’t tell anyone but I am, sitting in my english class ‘working on my analytical essay.’

It’s not the worst thing I’ve done so don’t get your panties all in a bunch!

Anyway, I spent two hours last night drawing on my old shoes. They aren’t all grubby and crap but I though that they needed some color. So, out comes the sharpies. However, I only have five colors so that really limits my artistic-ness… For example: I have over 300 colored pencils at home. Great for drawing on paper, but not on shoes. (I suppose all of you aloof art-major people would find a way to draw on your shoes with colored pencils but I’m not a smarty-pants like you. So shut it.) Here’s the thing about sharpies: they bleed like heck. I have to draw little itty-bitty lines and continue to draw over them until the color is dark enough for me to be happy. Gawd.

Ok, enough about my shoes. Onto my demise: the Dreaded Analytical Essay of Doom!!

I had to read the book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho for summer reading. Today, we are working on writing an essay for that book. Here’s the problem: I am the world’s worst english student when it comes to writing papers. I put off writing the essay or whatever the hell they give me until the day before it is due. (Not that it really matters, I still get 100% on them.) I do the same thing for tests, the whole study-last-minute-and-cram routine that all high-school students are fond of. Heck, I even do my math homework ten minutes before the first bell. Anyway, my point is, I don’t like to take my time writing. I rush it and write whatever crap comes in my head. (When it comes to school, the crap in my head is usually good entertaining crap. Otherwise it’s just stupid crap. Like this blog.)
It’s just too bad. I miss my last minute writing adventures. Now I’m forced to actually think.

Makeup Mishap

14 Sep

This is what happens when I realize that I have run out of liquid eyeliner.
And then the world ends.
Ok, maybe the world doesn’t end but I pretty much have a meltdown because 3 things happen when my eyeliner runs out:
1. I can no longer create my dark gothic-y eyes.
2. I won’t be able to run to the store until my mom feels like going because I can’t drive yet.
3. I’m forced to revert back to plain mascara and I end up looking a bit more on the preppy side. Ew.
So, as you can see, my normal thick inky black eyeliner is the finishing touch to my look, the icing on the cake. Without it, I feel incomplete.
Stupid makeup producers.

I apologize for a shorter entry, but it’s a school morning and I am a zombie.

In Honor of the Fallen

10 Sep

I know that I am a day early, but I just wanted to talk about 9/11 and be serious for once. But, before I get to that, I want to salute Sergeant Sean Michael Flannery, Wyomissing’s hometown hero. Sergeant Flannery died while fighting for our country. He loved soccer, and was a generous and humble person. His friends all looked up to him and he had great leadership qualities. Please hold a moment of silence for Sean in honor of his service.
And now, we come to 9/11. This day was a day of great tragedy for America. On this day, over 3,000 died at the hands of terrorist hijackers who took posession of jets and brought down the Twin Towers, hit the Pentagon, and crashed in Pennsylvania. (Some say that the 4th plane was aiming for the White House or the Capitol, but those few people on the plane who stood up to the terrorists stopped them.) I was only four at the time but even now, a decade later, we as a country unite in memory of 9/11. President Bush had been visiting a 2nd grade class at the time, when one of the white house officials told him about the planes crashing. There is a picture in my history class that captured Bush’s reaction to the news. He looked concerned and shocked, as we all were on that fateful day. Thousands of people held vigil for the lost, and a sense of patriotism bonded We The People together. As the 10th Anniversery of 9/11 approaches, remember what that event means to our country, and fly our flag proudly.
Sincerly, The Kreative Kat.

Messy Handwriting Befuzzles Me

7 Sep

Ever had that awkward moment in school when you are working in a group and someone writes a summary of your topic to read out loud to the class and his handwriting is so messy you can’t read it? Here’s my solution: Stand there awkwardly and after a really long pause say,
“Erm… What’s this word? And this one? And that… And that one… YOU KNOW WHAT TAKE THE PAPER!!”
In this way I manage to make the whole class laugh and not only embarrass my classmate who wrote the paper, but also myself.
Sloppy handwriting is something that plaugues our lazy American soil without relent. In senarios like the one shown above, you make it perfectly clear that the person writing has spent waaaaay too many hours playing COD. (For the uninformed, COD stands for Call Of Duty.) So, it is apparently up to me to stand up for the good ol’ fashioned pen and paper since nobody else has the balls to do it. (Seriously though, I’m such a hypocrite because I’m typing this out on my iphone keyboard. AND this is a blog. It’s all computerized and typed.)
I suppose that messy handwriting isn’t all that bad all long as the person writing is trying his hardest to make his (or her) handwriting neat. But the real problem is when neon colored pens come into the picture.
I have no problem with colored pens. In fact, I LOVE colorful writing utensils. But I have an issue when colored pens and school cross paths. If I have a friend who is taking notes for me when I am out, I shed a few tears when she hands me 5 neat pages. No, not because of the length of the pages, but because of the color of ink she happened to use. Specifically, neon orange.
Now, neon orange is great for crossing off things in your assignment book and checking things off and doodling with. However, writing is not one of the things a neon orange pen is good for. It’s so bright that is seems to leap off the paper and it’s ridiculously hard to read. So, don’t write in neon orange. Or neon yellow. Or any neon color for that matter. They are just hard to read, messy handwriting or not.
I know this is kind of random, but have you ever checked out a doctors handwriting? It’s simply horrid!! It seems like all doctors have a sloppy alphabet and need to go back to 1st grade so they can learn to write. However, I think they can write well, but they are too rushed with taking care of their patients to put great care into penmanship.
My own handwriting isn’t bad, it’s clearly legible and neat. However, I do admit that my lowecase ‘g’ and ‘y’ and sometimes my ‘q’ have an abnormally long tail. Normally, when you finish a lowercase ‘g’, the tail extends halfway through the line below it. For me, the tail extends through two lines, sometimes a whole three! Also my lowercase ‘d’ has a long upward tail that tends to go through the line above it.
I do have messy handwriting sometimes, and when it’s messy, it’s chicken scratch. But I try to stick to neat penmanship simply because my friends ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over how ‘fancy’  and/or ‘edgy’ my handwriting is.
But in all seriousness, people should really work on better handwriting. Who knows? Maybe it could get you a good job. Unless you are, of course, a doctor. Then they could give a poop.

Book Thieves and Sweatpants

7 Sep

Ever heard of the book Behemoth? Ever heard of Scott Westerfeld? Ever heard of the book Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld? No?!
You suck.
Anyway, I read this great book called Leviathon yesterday, and I decided to grab the second book, Behemoth, this morning at our school library. (I love the library, and the librarians and I know each other quite well.) Well, the book was sitting on the shelf where it was sitting yesterday so I checked it out and was very happy for the whole day. The End.
(Wrong. It was not ‘The End’ and I wasn’t happy for the whole day.)
Let me explain something to you. When I find a good book, I treasure it. I treat it like it’s my best friend. It goes with me everywhere until I finish the book and turn it in. Usually, I finish the book in a single day and turn it in the day after I get it because I read so freaking fast.
Anyway, the Behemoth was a new book. Not just a gently used book, but brand spanking new. Smooth milky white pages…not a single crease in the perfectly flat paper…that new book smell…the unmarked and unscuffed book cover… It was THE PERFECT BOOK!!!
And then in my 7th period gym class, someone stole it.
Gone, without a trace. I was pissed. It was MY book. I was HALFWAY through it! It was so good I couldn’t get it out of my head in class. How would you feel if someone came along and swiped something precious from you? I’m telling you, if I don’t get that book back by the end of 8th period tomorrow, I’m going to rip off someone’s head.
I just don’t get it. Why would someone steal a book from me?? The world is cruel.
And another thing. In my first period class, I felt like I was going to pass out so I went to the nurse and slept in her office for all of homeroom and 2nd period. Turns out that in the one day I miss homeroom, something important gets handed out. That ‘something’ was our new dress code policy. All I know is that there was some crap about sweatpants being prohibited. (However, too many students went to the office and complained about this so the administration took back that rule. Yay.) So, since I don’t know poop about our new dress code, I won’t know how to dress tomorrow and I’m gonna get my butt hauled down to the office.
Great, just great.

Dead Animals, Bike Rides, and Becoming a Sandwich

5 Sep

So, you may be wondering what those three things mentioned in the title above have to do with my Labor Day vacation. Actually, these were the main focus of my few days up at Jim Thorpe.
They say that ‘Getting there is half the fun.’ That depends on two factors:
1. Your final destination (not the movie)
2. Your travel companions
I have no issues with our destination, but I do have problems with my seat mates.
Imagine packing all the primates from the Philadelphia Zoo into the backseat of a mini van and then shove me back with them. Now, imagine me sitting in the backseat with my two immature and irritating bothers. Both senarios are equally horrendous. I am currently smushed in the back with my brothers and I really have to pee. Bad.
The second topic would have to be bike rides. I went on a 12-and-a-half mile ride today and wore myself out quit a bit. This resulted in a huge consumption of food to compensate for the lost calories. Besides making me have to pee really bad because I drank two root beers, it also ended up making me feel like a blubbery walrus because I rarely eat a full meal.
Now, we come to the dead animals.
1. Two dead frogs
2. A dead bird
3. A dead mouse
I passed all of these dead things in the span of about 2 miles on my bike so I am convinced that the specific area with all the animals was ridden with toxic waste. It’s kind of funny because I almost ran over the first dead frog so I skidded to a stop and jumped off my bike to inspect the frog. Upon poking the frog, I realized that the frog was cold with an almost brittle texture. It’s not that I am afraid of dead things, but when I realized that I had TOUCHED the dead thing…things did not go well. I leaped on my bike and pedaled away whilst screaming:
As I was biking for my life, I found another frog, also stone dead, which only made me pedal faster. My brother pointed out a dead bird 30 seconds later, and a dead mouse only 20 seconds later. Yeah. Great way to enjoy a relaxing bike ride.
I enjoy poking dead things with a stick, but I don’t like to get up close and personal.

A Life of Fear

4 Sep

Ok, this is, by far one of the wierdest and impractical fears of all time: The fear of everything. The technical term is Panophobia or Pantophobia. (Apon asking my friend what she thought of the above terms, she immediatly though that they had to do with the fear of pans and the fear of pants, which is incorrect. The fear of pants is actually called Pantaloonyphobia. I unfortunatly couldn’t find the fear of pans, my apologies.) Anyway, if you really were afraid of everything, you really wouldn’t be able to live. Basically, when you claim that you have Panophobia or Pantophobia, you are saying that you are afraid of the moss growing in between the sidewalks, the small bedside lamp on your nightstand, or that ridiculous hat sitting on the top of your shelf collecting dust. Come on! Get over yourself. I mean, some people have really bad fears, like Monophobia or Autophobia, which means that they can’t cope and survive without another person. Basically, these people cannot live in solitude, they are afraid of being alone. However, that fear is perfectly reasonable. A lot can happen to you if you are defenseless and alone.
Another fear that irritates the heck out of me is Misophobia or Mysophobia. If you have this, then you are afraid of germs and dirt in general. Some people only have a mild case of this, but others have an especially acute fear of germs and dirt. These unfortunate people will not touch other people and constantly wash their hands and use hand sanatizer, which kind of reminds me of people with OCD. Anyway, it just bugs me because there are germs all around you, even in the air you breathe, so this fear is really irrational. Plus the constant hand-washing can really dry out your hands and make them all dry and red, which is ultimatly just gross.

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