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Why Is It Snowing?

29 Oct

Ok, I am now convinced that the end of the world is approaching. Why, you may ask? Well, it’s snowing. And It isn’t even Halloween!! This is ridiculous. And it isn’t little itty-bitty snowflake fairies, its heavy snow pebbles. There is at least three inches of snow gathering on the lid of the garbage can and it’s really heavy. How in the world are people going to be able to go Trick-or-Treating when they are getting muddy snow in their shoes? It’s going to be freezing!

But enough about snow. I am now in the process of reorganizing my room. (a.k.a. the Great Cleanup.) My room was apparently a huge mess and needed to be cleaned completely. The only problem is, my room was what I called the den of organized clutter. It was a delicate balance of chaos and organization. Now, since I am putting everything in its rightful place, I feel as if the right side of my brain is getting swept in the corner. I ache for that chaos and messy paradise my room once was. But now, it is becoming a room of a left-brained straight-A student’s room.

I know, life is terrible, but I will find the strength to survive this terrible ordeal know to all as cleaning.


Word of the Week: Aquabob

29 Oct

Aquabob: n. an icicle

The one thing that irritates Santa Claus more than reindeer poop on his fancy sleigh paint-job is the presence of spiky aquabobs that create a drag on his ride’s lift.

I Think Sugar is Bad for Me

28 Oct

So I’m at a friends birthday party/sleepover and I’m sugar high. I’m also blogging on the go, (which means I’m on my phone running down the battery.)
Anyway, I’ve had a bunch of sugar and am consequently sugar high, as I’ve said before. This bought of sugaryness had included laughing spasms on the floor, not being able to breathe, not being able to stand still, and constantly quivering. Yea. Pretty disturbing. BUT it was fun… sort of. But I picked up my phone and then realized that I hadn’t blogged yet. Soooo I thought I should do something that would include my hyperness and tell you about my current state. Here are a few things that do not happen or exist when I get a hold on sugar:
1. Calm and serenity
2. All common sense jumps out the window
3. Any quiet
So that’s about the only things that do not exist around me.

Oh, and this is my 50th post! Internet party!!!

The Ace of Players

27 Oct

I just realized that I missed two days in my post-a-day series for this month. Oops! But I’ll make it up… somehow.
But anyway, I’ve been working for a little over two weeks on a project for the Mexican Day of the Dead. My art club made paper mache skulls and we painted them with acrylic paints. I painted mine black with white and red designs, like three-leaf clovers, diamonds, spades, and aces. Sound familiar? Well that’s because I based my skull off of playing cards.
There is an odd story behind the name of the skull. He is called the Ace of Players, but I usually call him Mr. Bobbles. When I made him out of paper mache, I accidently sat him on the wrong side and he dried lop-sided. I painted him anyway, but I glued some cards under his uneven side so it would look like Mr. Bobbles was leaning on the cards, going along with the playing card theme. Here are a few pics and then I’m out!





The Finished Piece

25 Oct

So I promised I would post pictures of the finished art project today, and here they are!




My word for this piece was Unity, so I created a globe with the continents made out of hands to signify my theme.

The Cats Awaken

24 Oct









Look closely at some of the pictures of Galaxy. You can see her yawning and her teeth are really sharp. She yawned at least three times in a row. Jessie decided to stare at Galaxy until they got bored and jumped off the bed. Oh well. I was kind of hoping they would fight so I could get some good pictures but they were boring. Maybe another day…
Oh, and I will post pictures of the final finished art project tomorrow so sit tight.

Word of the Week: Huderon

22 Oct

Huderon: adj. lazy
The huderon cat lay in the sun, it’s huge girth melting over the floor like butter on a pancake.

Of Dancing And Zippers

22 Oct

So I went to a ballet with my grandma and one of my best friends.
And it was awesome.
The ballet itself was cool, the last one was pretty kick butt, but the best part was me and my friend sitting in the back of the bus and cracking up about me agonizing over eating my ham sandwich and falling out of my seat and her being obsessed with pringles and poptarts and watching funny youtube videos. (Yes I know that was kind of a run-on sentance but who cares? It’s my blog. Sheesh.)
But anyway, I am frustrated with my industrial knee-high boots. (You know, my black lace-up ones.) The thing is, they are supposed to be laced up in the front, but you can zip them up on the side of you want. I usually zip them because I’m too lazy to take the extra seconds to tie them. I have paid for that mistake. Awhile ago, the zipper slider thing came off. I replaced it. Just now, a few teeth on the zipper came off and I was forced to take off the zipper, stitch together the broken part of the zipper, super glue it and duct tape the inside, and then put the zipper back on. (Thankfully the teeth that fell off were half an inch from the bottom of the boot. If the teeth fell off any higher, I would have had to replace the whole zipper track.) It should be fine for several years now, since I used Gorilla Glue Super Glue and that stuff is dangerous. I glued my pinky to my ring finger and it was stuck for two days.

New Favorites and Pumpkins!

21 Oct

As you all know, I am obsessed with my artwork. But I haven’t forgotten the one thing that has always been my best friend: books. And recently, I have found many, many, many good reads. But Scott Westerfeld has become a new favorite author of mine. He wrote the Leviathon trilogy, complete with the book Leviathon, Behemoth, and Goliath. I don’t want to spoil anything about the books, but they are extremely gripping and you won’t be able to put them down. It is one of those books that are set in past times like World War One and World War Two but the people in the books are extremely advanced when it comes to robots and biology. Just read the books. Trust me on this. Oh, but I haven’t forgotten James Patterson, and I am anxiously awaiting the final book in the Maximum Ride series. Oh, and check out Keith Thompson’s artwork. He illustrates for Scott Westerfeld and his drawings and simply fabulous!
…And this is what happens when you give us pumpkins and paint and sharp pointy objects.








I Iz Late…Sowwy

20 Oct

So I was busy napping yesterday, that’s why I didn’t get to pet the keyboard yesterday. Right now I am sitting on Mistress Calypsos phone, she says she downloaded an app the lets her blog on the go. Creative, these apple people are.
But that is not important. My mistress was frantic these past few days because she had this thing due today that she called an Art Project. Well, she said that she is going to post pictures of the finished product soon, and she is happy to report that it was turned in on time. My mistress was very happy.

But I can’t talk now. Mistress is watching Person of Interest and I must join her in dividing all attention on the big blinking black box.

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