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Brain Traveling

29 Jan

So today is a random day. HOORAY!! So I’m going to talk about whatever comes up in my mind.

Hmmm… how about ice-skating? That’s new. Yeah. It’s kind of dangerous, if you think about. I mean, you’re prancing around on a really slippery surface with a pair of extremely sharp blades strapped to your feet. Wow. That’s… extreme. And on top of that you’re jumping and spinning, and if you’re dancing as a couple, some guy is throwing you across the ice and swinging you around with your head barely an inch from the surface. That’s practically asking for disaster. If I tried something like that, there would be blood everywhere and someone would have to scrape my remains off the ice. Eww. Not a pleasant picture.

Let’s see what else I can talk about.

School! Well, it’s the start of a new quarter, so it means a fresh start for me. The second quarter is always when my grades drop the most, and then from there I make a steady incline and have pretty good grades by the end of the year. SO these next two quarters should be good ones for me. YAY!!

And let us see what else is in my mind as we trek across my brain in search of good topics to discuss?

Hmmm… nothing?

Wow. I’m losing my edge. I should go out and do something incredibly stupid and dangerous and exciting so I can tell you guys all about it and you can laugh at me and call me an idiot and beg me to do more stupid stuff!

Yeah, that sounds about right.



Word of the Week: Posterize

28 Jan

Posterize v. to print a picture using only a few shades of gray

She posterized the image of herself to hide all the unsightly blemishes.

Another Amazing Art Project? YUS!

28 Jan

Ok, so I’m really excited about my newest art project in Art Major 1. 😀

It’s a portrait assignment, so it’s basically a huge picture of my face. I know. Lovely. My teacher already took our pictures and I edited mine on the computer to black and white and I posterized it. Why did I posterize it? Let me explain.

The stuff that we are using to create the portraits isn’t paint or anything. Instead, we are using a pulpy substance made out of blended paper with water. We are going to make five shades of black and white and gray:

    1. White
    2. Light gray
    3. Gray
    4. Dark gray
    5. Black

I printed out my posterized picture and drew a grid on it. Then, I cut out a piece of paper that is 4′ x 5′ 5″. (I know, this project is bigger than me!) I drew a grid on that paper on a larger scale corresponding to my gridded picture. I am now in the process of drawing my face on the paper, using the corresponding grid lines on my picture and the paper. Then, after I have the picture drawn, I will arrange the 5 shades of pulp on the paper and voila! We have my face!! That’s it!

Of course, I’m still working on drawing my face on the paper. It will be a while before it’s finished because of how large the paper is and how time-consuming it is. I shall post pictures on Monday to show you guys how far I am with this.


25 Jan

SOOOOOOO the reason I haven’t been blogging for the last couple weeks is because I got grounded. This is the only time I’ve had in a while to actually blog. Oh, the horror!

But what I wanted to talk about is birthdays.

I just HATE it when you realize you’re friend’s birthday is coming up and you haven’t gotten them anything yet. Now, with me it’s simple. I always get people something, and I usually get it around a month in advance. However, this month wasn’t exactly the case. What with me getting in trouble, it being the new year, and mid-terms, I haven’t gotten around to getting this guy anything yet. OMGZ! (Oh my gawd zombies) It bugs me to the extreme, and I’m started to get worried. What if I never get him anything? (Ridiculous, I know. I have time, I think I’ll make it.) I HAVE to get him something! I will feel horribly guilty and seem like such a monster. And I don’t want that! Plus, I’m awful when it comes to getting something for a guy. I can go out and shop for hours for my girl friends, but when it’s a guy I’m shopping for I freeze up. I’m not a dude, how should I know what he would ask for on his birthday? With girls it’s always jewelry or makeup or something with glitter and sparkles on it. Guys? Not so much. I don’t think glittery things are considered very manly.

So, that’s my mini rant of the day, the first on in a long time. I’m such a person!

It’s Not a “Cool Story, Bro.” This is Depressing, So Listen Up.

11 Jan

My Friend: Cool story, bro.

Me: WHAT?!! Were you NOT listening to that incredibly awesome and inspiring lecture I gave you on the difference between the words ‘their’ and ‘there?!!’

My friend: …Not really. Was I supposed to?

Me: -___- I hate you.

And this is my reaction to people when they say, “Cool story, bro.” It’s kind of rude and inconsiderate, especially if I was talking about something really important to me. And usually I don’t talk about serious stuff because I am an incredibly stupid person who doesn’t take things seriously. (Actually, I lie. I’m extremely gullible. Once my friend was telling this really crazy story about what he did after school one day and I totally believed him.) Anyway, it’s just… annoying. What if you were talling me about how your cat died and you were all sad and stuff and I said,

“Cool story, bro. Tell it again. Oh, and while you’re at it can you make me a sammich? With mustard. Yeah. Mustard.”

Like dude. Seriously? That was incredibly rude, even without the sammich-making part.

So yeah. You got to see a piece of my mind today. YAY!!

Word of the Week: Sedulous

7 Jan

Sedulous adj. Working hard and steady; diligent, constant, persistent.

Boxer was an extremely sedulous horse, pulling the hay carts through the crowded renaissance streets at a steady, constant pace, never once faltering on his way to the market.

A Belated New Year

6 Jan

So it’s a new year.
And that means resolutions.
Resolutions can be very good and very bad in some ways. They are good because they inspire us to change our bad habits and make ourselves a better person. However, these resolutions can also be what brings us down. We become so focused on who we are and our flaws and how we must change ourselves. We let these ideas run away in our imagination and we realize that we are not the beautiful perfect creatures that we thought we were. And that sucks. It’s like getting your pride stabbed when you’re most vunerable.
I was texting one of my best guy friends who I have become very close to in the past few months, and he confessed to me that he was not satisfied with who he was. Even though I think of him as a wonderful person and look up to him, he still feels flawed. However, he has accepted those flaws and just tries to be himself, which I respect greatly. I myself have the same problem, I am not satisfied with who I am and what I look like. I sometimes wish I was someone else, but I’ve come to realize this past year and a half that I can’t be someone I’m not. And talking to this guy really helped me even more. I recognize my flaws, I just need to embrace them as well.
And that’s my resolution. To stay true to myself, even if people can’t handle me. Because in the end, nobody likes a fake girl. And that’s exactly the opposite of who I want to be.
I have also made a resolution to blog more. Stupid interwebz glitches. ._.

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