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Another Amazing Art Project? YUS!

28 Jan

Ok, so I’m really excited about my newest art project in Art Major 1. 😀

It’s a portrait assignment, so it’s basically a huge picture of my face. I know. Lovely. My teacher already took our pictures and I edited mine on the computer to black and white and I posterized it. Why did I posterize it? Let me explain.

The stuff that we are using to create the portraits isn’t paint or anything. Instead, we are using a pulpy substance made out of blended paper with water. We are going to make five shades of black and white and gray:

    1. White
    2. Light gray
    3. Gray
    4. Dark gray
    5. Black

I printed out my posterized picture and drew a grid on it. Then, I cut out a piece of paper that is 4′ x 5′ 5″. (I know, this project is bigger than me!) I drew a grid on that paper on a larger scale corresponding to my gridded picture. I am now in the process of drawing my face on the paper, using the corresponding grid lines on my picture and the paper. Then, after I have the picture drawn, I will arrange the 5 shades of pulp on the paper and voila! We have my face!! That’s it!

Of course, I’m still working on drawing my face on the paper. It will be a while before it’s finished because of how large the paper is and how time-consuming it is. I shall post pictures on Monday to show you guys how far I am with this.


The Ace of Players

27 Oct

I just realized that I missed two days in my post-a-day series for this month. Oops! But I’ll make it up… somehow.
But anyway, I’ve been working for a little over two weeks on a project for the Mexican Day of the Dead. My art club made paper mache skulls and we painted them with acrylic paints. I painted mine black with white and red designs, like three-leaf clovers, diamonds, spades, and aces. Sound familiar? Well that’s because I based my skull off of playing cards.
There is an odd story behind the name of the skull. He is called the Ace of Players, but I usually call him Mr. Bobbles. When I made him out of paper mache, I accidently sat him on the wrong side and he dried lop-sided. I painted him anyway, but I glued some cards under his uneven side so it would look like Mr. Bobbles was leaning on the cards, going along with the playing card theme. Here are a few pics and then I’m out!





The Finished Piece

25 Oct

So I promised I would post pictures of the finished art project today, and here they are!




My word for this piece was Unity, so I created a globe with the continents made out of hands to signify my theme.

Beaded Glass Things

16 Oct

So my dad took me to Michael’s and got me some glass beads and jewelry supplies so I could occupy myself.
Here is what I came up with so far:



I still have many beads left and I will post pictures as I create things. 🙂

Art Class: Unity Hand Study

14 Oct

I don’t  want to go into much detail, but I will let you know that this hand study project will be completed in the near future but I want it to be a surprise. So, I am not going to tell you exactly what I am making. I want to keep you guessing. 🙂 But for now, you will have to make do with the pictures and the blog title. (If you scroll over the pictures you might get a caption or two.)

Boredom Leads To Jumbled Posts

11 Oct

So I was sitting in the art room after school, and I was talking to one of the art teachers and I asked her what she was drawing. She showed me a pastel drawing she was making of a little clay horse with a whole bunch of ginormous, as she said, apples. Then she added that she wasn’t quite sure if ‘ginormous’ was a word. I took the liberty of looking up this word and found that the word ‘ginormous is indeed a word. It is actually a mash-up of the words enormous and gigantic. But it got me thinking about all of the silly words that I use on a daily basis. For example, I like to say, rumorated, and vaporated.

Rumorated is something I came up with at youth group when I was so tired I could barely stay awake and was wasn’t quite speaking coherently. I had meant to say, “I heard a rumor floating around the school that had something to do with me…” yada yada yada. But what came out was, ” I heard a rumorating around the school…” yada yada yada. As you could see, I was so tired that I could hardly make out the differences between my words and were, in effect, mashing them together somehow.

I also came up with the word ‘vaporated’ today, when I was in art class. I know what I am about to tell you will seem completely irrelevant but just hang on. Recently, as I have been walking around my lovely town of Wyomissing and West Reading, I have noticed that many people are repaving their driveways and businesses are repaving their parking lots. At first I only noticed two or three people who had things repaved, including our household, but as I was walking outside with our gym class, I noticed four other houses that had been repaved!! I guess it is the season for repaving or something. Anyway, we all know that I am extremely clumsy and I must have accidentally stepped in some stray tar or something because I walked into art class and I noticed a big glob of tar stuck to my shoe. I asked my other art teacher if he knew of a way to get tar of someones shoe. He gave me this alcohol based spirit stuff is able to get off a variety of crap, including tar. So, I scrubbed that tar right off! However, my teacher told me not to throw it out because it could spontaneous combust and then we would all be in trouble. I was instructed to put the paper towels I used to remove the tar in a big machine that vents the fumes. I put the unhealthy substance back in its proper place and stuck the paper towels in the machine and then told my teacher, “The stuff is vaporating now!” He laughed at me. Go figure. I thought I was pretty clever for inventing a name for the machine doing it’s job of venting the fumes. (a.k.a. vaporating.)

Another thing I want to talk about is my art project. I thought it would pretty cool to talk about because I am obsessed with art class and my latest project is really interesting. My art teacher for Art Major 1, (also the one in the vaporating occasion), gave us an assignment in which we conduct a hand study and create a work of art that has to do with hands. We were told to find a word and express that word through a drawing or something to do with hands. Examples of words: serenity, hope, anger, etc. Basically, we were to use a slightly vague word and describe that with our hands. The hands are a very expressive part of the body, and, if captured correctly, we can convey our feelings through them. I chose the word ‘unity.’ I came up with this great idea where I could make a globe out of paper and then draw a bunch of hands and put them together to create all the different continents of the world. In this way, all the different hands from all around the world would be somewhat connected and signify a feeling of world peace and a joined, worldwide community. I will hopefully post pictures soon so you can see how this project is coming along.

Here There Be Cute Brothers… And Ducks

7 Oct

Don’t be fooled by their cuteness.

The Reading Museum. (Not reading books, the TOWN Reading.)

7 Oct

So I went to a museum today with a few family friends. It was very nice, a good collection of artifacts from Egyptian times and the Mayans and stuff like that. There was one display that was showing off a chainmail shirt. I picked up the sleeve, and that alone felt like it weighed around 25 pounds! Imagine wearing all that under a full suit of armor! There was also this cute exhibit for younger children that educated them on money and financial stuff. It had this little section where they could run a lemonade stand and give people change when they came to check out groceries, and a whole market for them. My little brother really enjoyed this – they spent almost 2 hours playing with all the stuff they had out! Personally, I enjoyed the art exhibit. Here a a few pictures of my personal favorites.

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