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My Quidditative Style

2 Oct

If you don’t know what ‘quidditative’ means, check out the Word of the Week.

Anyway, I was checking out a family members blog, and I noticed many references to style. My cousin is extremely in fashion, and I must admit, much more sylish than me. Not that I’m jealous, I will explain that in a minute. My point is, style is ever-changing and I am quite impressed that my cousin is able to keep up with its seemingly hormonal changes. However, I am not one to let style effect me.
According to my cousin, graphic tee’s, v-necks, lace and chiffon, and hunter boots and spagetti straps are in style. Look at your local prep: perfect example of being fashionable and trendy.
Personally, I am a bit more accentric. I like the odd shades of lipsticks, ranging from matte black to orange and bright blue. Either that or super sparkly lip gloss. Makeup? Heavy and dark, drawing attention to the eyes. Clothes? Well, I like to take my jeans, rip them up and patch them with a bunch of different colors and pin them with safety pins. Another pair of my jeans have buttons sewn all along the outside edge on the seam. I plan on taking a pair of jeans and bleaching them and either painting them or drawing on them with sharpies. (Most likely the former, since my art teacher could help me with wash-proof paint.) Also, most of my shirts are ripped or destroyed in one way or another… otherwise the shirts are just unique. I am probably going to visit a local thrift store this upcoming weekend so I can buy a bunch of clothes that I can alter and distort to my heart’s content. Besides destroyed and colorful clothing, I love lace-up knee-high combat boots. I have a black pair with thick soles and they will be great in the winter. My pair of faded blue converse are covered in my doodles.
But I wonder why we let ourselves defined by what celebrities say and wear? Doesn’t it just make us a walking billboard when we all dress in Abercrombie and Hollister clothes? It’s all the same. Uniform. Boring. That’s why I think that we shouldn’t judge people by the way we dress. After all, we are all human, we just have different tastes, which is what makes us humans so darn endearing.┬áPeople sometimes say that I am crazy and wierd for my choice of style, but I prefer creative and innovative. After all, it’s people like us who invent style in the first place.


Makeup Mishap

14 Sep

This is what happens when I realize that I have run out of liquid eyeliner.
And then the world ends.
Ok, maybe the world doesn’t end but I pretty much have a meltdown because 3 things happen when my eyeliner runs out:
1. I can no longer create my dark gothic-y eyes.
2. I won’t be able to run to the store until my mom feels like going because I can’t drive yet.
3. I’m forced to revert back to plain mascara and I end up looking a bit more on the preppy side. Ew.
So, as you can see, my normal thick inky black eyeliner is the finishing touch to my look, the icing on the cake. Without it, I feel incomplete.
Stupid makeup producers.

I apologize for a shorter entry, but it’s a school morning and I am a zombie.

Fuzzy Hair!

2 Sep

Hello Peeps!
So today I had an unfortunate hair situation. But let me explain my hair type is 3 words: Frizzy, poofy, super curly. (Ok, maybe that was 4 words but you get my point.) Anywhoo, I did the usual thing this morning, wash hair, condition hair, pat hair with towel, add product to hair, scrunch hair, blow-dry hair, hairspray hair. And yet, I was met with a disaster. My hair is getting longer and thus getting heavier. This weighs down the curls and straightens out the top. It also squishes the curls and bottom and straightens them out severely. This is pissing me off. First of all, even with anti-frizz serum and crap, it still frizzes. Today was especially bad though. I can’t take it anymore!!! It might be time to get a straight perm and cut my hair in some edgy gothic short fashion, which is my favorite type of hairstyle.

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