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Brain Traveling

29 Jan

So today is a random day. HOORAY!! So I’m going to talk about whatever comes up in my mind.

Hmmm… how about ice-skating? That’s new. Yeah. It’s kind of dangerous, if you think about. I mean, you’re prancing around on a really slippery surface with a pair of extremely sharp blades strapped to your feet. Wow. That’s… extreme. And on top of that you’re jumping and spinning, and if you’re dancing as a couple, some guy is throwing you across the ice and swinging you around with your head barely an inch from the surface. That’s practically asking for disaster. If I tried something like that, there would be blood everywhere and someone would have to scrape my remains off the ice. Eww. Not a pleasant picture.

Let’s see what else I can talk about.

School! Well, it’s the start of a new quarter, so it means a fresh start for me. The second quarter is always when my grades drop the most, and then from there I make a steady incline and have pretty good grades by the end of the year. SO these next two quarters should be good ones for me. YAY!!

And let us see what else is in my mind as we trek across my brain in search of good topics to discuss?

Hmmm… nothing?

Wow. I’m losing my edge. I should go out and do something incredibly stupid and dangerous and exciting so I can tell you guys all about it and you can laugh at me and call me an idiot and beg me to do more stupid stuff!

Yeah, that sounds about right.



Another Amazing Art Project? YUS!

28 Jan

Ok, so I’m really excited about my newest art project in Art Major 1. 😀

It’s a portrait assignment, so it’s basically a huge picture of my face. I know. Lovely. My teacher already took our pictures and I edited mine on the computer to black and white and I posterized it. Why did I posterize it? Let me explain.

The stuff that we are using to create the portraits isn’t paint or anything. Instead, we are using a pulpy substance made out of blended paper with water. We are going to make five shades of black and white and gray:

    1. White
    2. Light gray
    3. Gray
    4. Dark gray
    5. Black

I printed out my posterized picture and drew a grid on it. Then, I cut out a piece of paper that is 4′ x 5′ 5″. (I know, this project is bigger than me!) I drew a grid on that paper on a larger scale corresponding to my gridded picture. I am now in the process of drawing my face on the paper, using the corresponding grid lines on my picture and the paper. Then, after I have the picture drawn, I will arrange the 5 shades of pulp on the paper and voila! We have my face!! That’s it!

Of course, I’m still working on drawing my face on the paper. It will be a while before it’s finished because of how large the paper is and how time-consuming it is. I shall post pictures on Monday to show you guys how far I am with this.


25 Jan

SOOOOOOO the reason I haven’t been blogging for the last couple weeks is because I got grounded. This is the only time I’ve had in a while to actually blog. Oh, the horror!

But what I wanted to talk about is birthdays.

I just HATE it when you realize you’re friend’s birthday is coming up and you haven’t gotten them anything yet. Now, with me it’s simple. I always get people something, and I usually get it around a month in advance. However, this month wasn’t exactly the case. What with me getting in trouble, it being the new year, and mid-terms, I haven’t gotten around to getting this guy anything yet. OMGZ! (Oh my gawd zombies) It bugs me to the extreme, and I’m started to get worried. What if I never get him anything? (Ridiculous, I know. I have time, I think I’ll make it.) I HAVE to get him something! I will feel horribly guilty and seem like such a monster. And I don’t want that! Plus, I’m awful when it comes to getting something for a guy. I can go out and shop for hours for my girl friends, but when it’s a guy I’m shopping for I freeze up. I’m not a dude, how should I know what he would ask for on his birthday? With girls it’s always jewelry or makeup or something with glitter and sparkles on it. Guys? Not so much. I don’t think glittery things are considered very manly.

So, that’s my mini rant of the day, the first on in a long time. I’m such a person!

It’s Not a “Cool Story, Bro.” This is Depressing, So Listen Up.

11 Jan

My Friend: Cool story, bro.

Me: WHAT?!! Were you NOT listening to that incredibly awesome and inspiring lecture I gave you on the difference between the words ‘their’ and ‘there?!!’

My friend: …Not really. Was I supposed to?

Me: -___- I hate you.

And this is my reaction to people when they say, “Cool story, bro.” It’s kind of rude and inconsiderate, especially if I was talking about something really important to me. And usually I don’t talk about serious stuff because I am an incredibly stupid person who doesn’t take things seriously. (Actually, I lie. I’m extremely gullible. Once my friend was telling this really crazy story about what he did after school one day and I totally believed him.) Anyway, it’s just… annoying. What if you were talling me about how your cat died and you were all sad and stuff and I said,

“Cool story, bro. Tell it again. Oh, and while you’re at it can you make me a sammich? With mustard. Yeah. Mustard.”

Like dude. Seriously? That was incredibly rude, even without the sammich-making part.

So yeah. You got to see a piece of my mind today. YAY!!

A Belated New Year

6 Jan

So it’s a new year.
And that means resolutions.
Resolutions can be very good and very bad in some ways. They are good because they inspire us to change our bad habits and make ourselves a better person. However, these resolutions can also be what brings us down. We become so focused on who we are and our flaws and how we must change ourselves. We let these ideas run away in our imagination and we realize that we are not the beautiful perfect creatures that we thought we were. And that sucks. It’s like getting your pride stabbed when you’re most vunerable.
I was texting one of my best guy friends who I have become very close to in the past few months, and he confessed to me that he was not satisfied with who he was. Even though I think of him as a wonderful person and look up to him, he still feels flawed. However, he has accepted those flaws and just tries to be himself, which I respect greatly. I myself have the same problem, I am not satisfied with who I am and what I look like. I sometimes wish I was someone else, but I’ve come to realize this past year and a half that I can’t be someone I’m not. And talking to this guy really helped me even more. I recognize my flaws, I just need to embrace them as well.
And that’s my resolution. To stay true to myself, even if people can’t handle me. Because in the end, nobody likes a fake girl. And that’s exactly the opposite of who I want to be.
I have also made a resolution to blog more. Stupid interwebz glitches. ._.

My Bodily Heater Has Died, And I’m Hungry

15 Dec

I have a huge problem. I can’t seem to stay warm. Every time I have to go outside I immediately start shivering even though I have three coats on. Some of my best friends retain heat really well, and when I’m outside with them I practically hang off of them so I can steal their body heat. Yes. I know I kind of resemble a leech when it comes to warmth. That would also explain my unsightly attachment to my friends furry gray blanket. It just so warm and fuzzy…
-creepy smile-
But ANYWHOO, yeah. I don’t know how to stay warm when I’m outside. No matter what I do, I always end up freezing cold in the end. It makes me detest the holidays. I can’t wait until I can drive.
Another problem I have is the Munchies.
The Munchies for me are this irrisistable craving to eat anything and everything in sight. I will literally eat right through you if you get in my way. You can tell if I have the Munchies because there will be a trail of crumbs and wrappers from the food I am so hungrily devouring. Last time this happened, I ate a bajillion granola bars, a box of snack mix, a bunch of yogurt, and probably about six jars of pistachios. The only reason I stopped was because my mom told me it was dinner, so you can add a huge salad to the ever-growing list of food. Yes I am aware of this problem, and I’m working on getting it under control. But you will never understand the power of the Munchies unless you have experienced them first hand, as I have.
Oh, the horror!

Are You Illiterate?!

15 Dec

It disturbs me greatly that people cannot seem to spell. Especially when technology gets involved. People seem to be increasingly dependent on spell check and other things because they simply cannot figure out the correct spellings to simple words. Some can’t find the difference between their, there, and they’re.
‘There’ is used to describe a location or place.
They left the wrapped gifts there.
‘They’re’ is simply a contraction of ‘they are’
They’re leaving Christmas Gifts at peoples houses.
And ‘their’ is used to indicate possession.
Their hearts were full of holiday cheer as they left gifts at peoples houses
See? Was that so hard to understand?
It also bothers me when people use texting language 24/7. Some people even use it in their rough drafts for English essays! I mean, come on! Using ‘r’ for ‘are’ and ‘u’ for ‘you’ is not acceptable. You’re perfectly capable of using proper grammar in the real world. Texting language should be limited on the internet too. Most of the time when I read things important of the internet with many errors in spelling and grammar I get bored and frustrated with the piece of work and don’t take it seriously. Why? Because it’s unprofessional and makes you look dumb. Limiting your vocabulary only hinders your writing abilities.
Watch me have a million spelling errors on this post.

Internet Party!

13 Dec

So I have this thing I say a lot when I’m excited. You may have noticed it in a few of my earlier posts, but I tend to say,
Now, a few of you may be wondering what an internet party is. Well, it’s when a bunch of people talk to each other over the internet (or by phone) while blasting music and dancing in their rooms and drinking a bunch of monster. (Monster happens to be a favorite energy drink of mine.) It’s such a weird concept that I have come up with, but definately interesting. In theory. You see, many things could go wrong while having an internet party. One might accidently explode a can of monster all over their keyboard, short circuit the computer, get electrocuted, and then set on fire. Or the whole network could crash from so many people rocking out to hardcore music and typing furiously to each other. That would cause mass chaos and rioting. Not a good thing.
But it would be fun, sort of.
I take it that my idea of fun is very different from yours. My idea of fun is chilling with my friends and being stupid, like screaming out of the windows of a car after visiting Burger King or just hanging out at someones house and fighting over who gets the comforter when playing video games. (In case you didn’t know, it is very relaxing to be wrapped up in a comforter or blanket while playing video games or watching your friends fight to the death on screen. These activities are very fundamental to my teenage years.)
For example, my friend has a very nice blanket at his house that is all furry and gray and very, very, VERY soft. I always insist on having it when at his house because I don’t have one at mine and it’s something I can’t resist. We have often fought over the blanket because I just want to lie on the floor all wrapped up like a caterpillar but he also wants the blanket, and before you know it, a full blown pillow fight/tickle war has broken out.
Yep. That’s my life.
I also have this really bad habit of sleeping at other peoples houses. It’s become this thing in the past few months where if I’m at the persons house for more than 2 1/2 hours I end up falling asleep on the floor or on someones bed or couch at some point. I think it’s becoming a bad habit.
Oh well, I guess I can’t help it. And I’m just too weird to care.

Nonconformists? I Don’t Think So.

13 Dec

My dad thinks I’m really weird for many reasons. One of those reasons is the fact that I go against everything normal. You say pie, I say cake. You say polite table manners, I say burping loudly and denying that I was the one to blame. You say normal colored hair, I say BLUE HAIR DYE!! My point is that I am just a misfit. But who cares? I certaintly don’t. I have been acting like a nonconformist all my life. But what happens when nonconformists all become the same? You are then forced to go out and forge a new nonconforming style or personality. It’s ridiculous!
It’s stupid to go out and say to everyone, “Look!! I’m a nonconformist! Internet party!” In reality, you have just branded yourself and are now like all the other nonconformists and have successfully made yourself a conformist. I know, it’s confusing. Let me explain what a conformist is.
A conformist is anyone who goes with the styles and trends and thinks like everybody else, all voting for the same wack president, all going with the flow, all being the same as everyone around them. Picture them, your modern day prep in high school. They are the perfect images of conformists.
Now, picture someone with bright green hair, a band shirt, buckled platform boots, and hot pink jeans. (Yes, all of the things mentioned above do exist.) They don’t agree with our government and act out wildly, against our vision of society. This is a perfect example of a nonconformist. They are inventive, and they think outside the box. But what happens when you put a bunch of nonconformists in a room all together?
That’s right, they immediately all look the same. All of them have wildly colored hair, all wear platform boots, and all have hot pink jeans and disagree with our government. They all become conformists because they all think and act the same.
What happens when you put a single prep in the middle of that crowd? That’s right. That single prep becomes the nonconformist because he or she is different from the other people with the dyed hair and brightly colored clothes.
So, in reality, being a conformist or a nonconformist is really stupid because all you have to do is change the people around you and your status is changed from either a plain ordinary person or to a wildly crazed and odd-looking child.

I Am Officially Back

1 Dec

Hello people of the world! I am now returned for the rest of the year!! Hooray! INTERNET PARTY!!
And yes I am painfully aware of my fail to keep up with the blog in November, but it’s a fresh month and a fresh start. I am back on track to posting every day, and the Word of the Week will be continued. :3 (Jessie says she also wants in on the fun so every once in a while she will be putting her paws up on the keyboard.)
To all of you NaNoWriMo people, I sadly didn’t win, but I gave it my best shot and it was a great learning experience. I really enjoyed it and next year I will be trying again, fingers crossed! Yes, I am sad that I wasn’t able to win, no, I do not regret spending all my time on NaNoWriMo and not here, but you weren’t forgotten!! I would give you all my readers hugs so you know how much I love you guys but my computer screen is blocking the way. Stupid computer.
But anyway, the game is back on. The future will be filled with entertaining tales of the school year and all the stupid things that come along with the holidays. Enjoy!

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