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Brain Traveling

29 Jan

So today is a random day. HOORAY!! So I’m going to talk about whatever comes up in my mind.

Hmmm… how about ice-skating? That’s new. Yeah. It’s kind of dangerous, if you think about. I mean, you’re prancing around on a really slippery surface with a pair of extremely sharp blades strapped to your feet. Wow. That’s… extreme. And on top of that you’re jumping and spinning, and if you’re dancing as a couple, some guy is throwing you across the ice and swinging you around with your head barely an inch from the surface. That’s practically asking for disaster. If I tried something like that, there would be blood everywhere and someone would have to scrape my remains off the ice. Eww. Not a pleasant picture.

Let’s see what else I can talk about.

School! Well, it’s the start of a new quarter, so it means a fresh start for me. The second quarter is always when my grades drop the most, and then from there I make a steady incline and have pretty good grades by the end of the year. SO these next two quarters should be good ones for me. YAY!!

And let us see what else is in my mind as we trek across my brain in search of good topics to discuss?

Hmmm… nothing?

Wow. I’m losing my edge. I should go out and do something incredibly stupid and dangerous and exciting so I can tell you guys all about it and you can laugh at me and call me an idiot and beg me to do more stupid stuff!

Yeah, that sounds about right.



My Apples are Malfunctioning

12 Dec

So I checked out my blog to make sure that all my posts for the past week or two look good if I’m logged out, and guess what I saw?
There has been NOTHING POSTED.
For some reason the app didn’t post all my updates for the past week. I am not amused. I was looking forward to a great and incredible start to the month and it flops on me. Like a big mushy pancake. Ewwhh. Anyway, since I can’t possibly write 11 more posts in one day, I will write two posts a day for the next few days to catch up on my blogging. And I will double check to make sure my apps are updating my blog properly. (I blog primarily from my phone. Apples is code word for apps, in case you were wondering about the title.)
Why does the world of technology hate me? I thought they would love me for all the crap I put on the internet but apparently not because NOTHING IS FREAKING POSTING!!

Of Detention and Musical Sugary-ness

18 Oct

So you all know I had to serve my detention today, and it didn’t quite go as I expected. Instead of the teacher making us do a bunch of work, she had us sit for forty-five minutes in silence. (That rule was kind of broken because my friend and her friend were talking the whole time…) I admit, I couldn’t stand the silence. I solved this by taking out my flute, checking the keys, polishing it, etc. I sat for about half an hour doing this and eventually, I finished checking it. The only thing I hadn’t done was tune it. I sat for a few minutes, debating my options. The teacher was right in front of me, and I could either break out in song and get in trouble, or inconspicuously begin tuning it. Of course, I could have saved myself the time and effort by simply putting my flute away, but I was bored and I had left my sketchbooks in my locker so I couldn’t draw. Anyway, I put together all the pieces, lined up the holes, and then began playing really low notes and gradually getting higher, until I could tune it. My theory was that if I started with low notes, the teacher wouldn’t care and if I sloooowly worked up to a higher note, she wouldn’t really notice if the change was really gradual. I guess it worked, because she didn’t say a single thing about me playing the flute. That obviously means I’m NINJA because I can play my flute in detention.

BUT I wanted to talk about our lunch period, because that’s pretty weird too. But I am going to have to explain a few things to you first so hold on.

Okay, the first thing you need to know about our cafeteria is that it is huge. There a bazillion tables, and most of them get filled. The second thing you need to know is that everyone can sit where they want, but usually in the first week of school, people find their friends, pick a table, and sit at that table in the exact same spot every day for the whole school year. The cool gangster kids usually sit at the long tables at the back of the cafeteria by the windows. People like me sit with a whole bunch of nerdy awesome people at the front of the cafeteria. The upper-classmen eat outsides sometimes, and the mentally challenged kids sit in a section of the cafeteria tha is a little separate from the rest of the cafeteria. Oh, and the ‘outcasts’ sit in this back room thats kind of quiet, or at least, that’s what I have heard.

Anyway, our school has this whole healthy kick going on, so they took away the Iced Tea, cut down on some of the snacks in the vending machines, and reduced those little cookie packages to half their size. AND they replaced them with these slurpies.

Now, slurpies are not the most healthy thing. They are PACKED with sugar, so giving these to us was a bad idea. Today, my friend poured half of his in his coca-cola and shook it up and drank it. I dipped my crackers in it, because I decided they were to dry and tasteless. It was like dipping them in jelly. But that’s not the point. Another one of my friends mixed together both the flavors of slurpie and added some other things in to the mix. (I am not going to go into all the gory details because that won’t help me reach my point and I need to stop typing, my hands are cramping.) But what I’m trying to say is that you don’t replace the Iced Tea with slurpies. It just doesn’t work for a bunch of hyper-active freshmans. No. I don’t care what the administration says. YOU DO NOT GIVE HIGH SUGAR FOODS TO FRESHMANS!

Unless you want a lot of unfocused kids in your class, don’t give them sugar. Period.

The Bottom of the Hot Chocolate is Always Best

15 Oct

Seriously. You know what I mean. You go to the store and buy your hot chocolate, but it’s too hot to drink right at the moment, so you wait for a while. But in the end, the temptation of the hot chocolate wins out and you end up sipping the drink and burning your tongue. Therefore the beginning of the hot chocolate is the worst. But then, ten minutes later, the hot chocolate has cooled enough to drink comfortably and then you can enjoy the subtly sweetness and the dreaminess of the hot chocolate. And then, before long, you have reached the bottom of your cup. Here, you realize that you have two centimeters left in the bottom so you slowly drink the rest, but it’s so good because all the chocolate has sunk to the bottom (so it is pure chocolate heaven) that you guzzle the rest and instantly regret it. And then you want to buy another hot chocolate and repeat the whole process over again.
That is what happened to me this morning because I’m weird and don’t drink hot chocolate like a normal human being.
Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about was school.
So earlier in the week, my science teacher was out all period so we had a substitute teacher. We were instructed to fill out a sheet of paper as we watched an educational DVD. Well, me and my three friends sat down, filled out the whole sheet, and turned it in. The students in front of me all went crazy and were super loud and failed their assignment. Guess who got in trouble?

Me. The innocent bystander who got a near-perfect score on her paper.

I’m not really upset that I got a detention, it’s the fact that I got blamed for something I had nothing to do with, and all the bad kids got away with everything. I even explained my situation to the regular teacher and had several people to back me up, but she stubbornly refused to listen to me and take off the detention. Now, I have to serve a teacher detention on Tuesday, when I could have used that time to finish my art project, which is due Thursday. I also need help on my project because it is only halfway done and I still have a lot of work to finish. I considered filing a report, but it was over a little detention, so I don’t think it would have done anything except make me seem like a baby for not being able to handle a little time with the teacher. This is the injustice of our school.

Oh well, at least I have hot chocolate.

Violence Is Not The Answer…Sometimes.

6 Oct

Me and my friends have a…love/hate relationship. It’s not that we have fight, it’s just that we are all so sarcastic with each other. Most of our sarcastic comments have to do with violence. For example, I would normally say something along the lines of,
“I’m going to beat my head against the wall if you bring him up again. And then I’ll beat YOUR head on the wall.”
Another one of my favorites is,
“I’m going to rip out your spine and beat you with it.”
As we all know, I am not literally going to rip their spine out of their backs with my super-humam strength and then hit them on the head repeatedly until they die a bloody death. (I guess that as soon as I rip out their spines they are going to die anyway and so there is really no point in hitting them with their now dismembered spinal column.)
My point is, my friends and I are hopelessly pathetic because most of our comebacks are based on black humor and dry wit. But what does this tell us? (Besides the fact that we have incredibly low intelligence?) It tells us that something in our lives caused these images of fake violence that now plague our worm-ridden brains.
Me? It would probably be the fact that I live with 3 brothers. AND the fact that some of my friends are extremely violent people when angered and it is up to me to stop the real fights. That said, many people would have to agree with me that school can be a very violent place and it’s tough being a freshman in high school when all the seniors are arrogant butt-heads. Sarcastic and violent comments can be very effective and shocking to evil upper-classmen who are set on killing your soul. OR those puny seventh graders who shove you in the hallways because they have NO HALLWAY ETQUETTE!
Examples of Hallway Etiquette:

  • No pushing when in a hurry. It will attract attention to you and sometimes the breezeways are just to crowded to travel quickly. My advice? Go through a back hallway. It’s faster and there aren’t as many people so you can go as fast as you want.
  • DO NOT STOP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HALLWAY!! When you decide to stop, everyone else has to somehow find their way around you. This is often difficult to do since most people don’t expect the sudden change in the flow of traffic and all of sudden they are forced to either make a sharp turn and shove others or stop for a split second and be rear-ended or simply run the person who stopped right over. See? Just don’t stop. It makes life so much easier for everyone.
  • Don’t yell. The person right next to you can hear you perfectly well. (Unless you are going to your class right after lunch. Then it is perfectly acceptable to yell because you have to burn off all that energy somehow…)
  • Do not hang out around a random persons locker. It is very inconsiderate because that person now has to ask you to move and it’s VERY awkward because it usually takes two or three tries to get the people who are solicitating to pay you any attention in the first place.
  • And last but not least, try not to spill all of your books in the middle of the hallway when at your locker. It’s a huge tripping hazard for people who are as uncoordinated as me.

ANYWAY, back to my original point before I went off on that rant. Make use of those sarcastic violent comebacks stored away in your head. They are great remedies for rude people, and they can be extremely effective ways of diverting an embarrassing question.
Person 1: “So, did you enjoy your date with him yesterday?”
(Of course person 1 is unaware of the fact that person 2’s boyfriend broke up with her that evening.)
Person 2: “Ask me that again and I will poke your eyes out.”
If it were me and my friends, we would have laughed at this violent suggestion and then forgotten about the question in the first place.
So, have happy days and don’t forget your daily use of verbal violence.

It’s Officially Autumn

4 Oct

So I step outside our house this morning and I immediately am frozen in place. The air was so ridiculously cold! It doesn’t help that I am sick with a cold and my nose is stuffed with unpleasent little goodies and I am constantly sneezing. The weather was 45 degrees when I left for school in the morning, and the high was supposed to be 68. Right now it is 63 degrees, so I’d say the weatherman, or weatherwoman was pretty accurate. (Unless you use your iphone’s weather app, which is what I am referring to right now.) But that is not what I wanted to talk about. I just used this as a chance to complain, ’cause I did not have a good day and I needed to complain about something.

ANYWAY, if you are one of those lucky people, you get to see Autumn slowly approach and engulf us in it’s beautiful rich colors. The trees leaves turn these incredible vibrant colors, and it amazes me how these interesting and lovely changes come about. So, I took the liberty of doing a little research and clicking around the internet, and this was what I discovered.

Apparently, the timing of the color change in the trees does not have to do with the amount of change or dropping temperatures. It is all based on the biochemical processes in the leaves, which is dependant on the gradually increasing length of night.

Chlorophyll is what gives the leaves their green coloration. It is needed to create the process called photosynthesis: the chemical reaction that lets plants use sunlight to manufature sugars, which is essentially their food. Trees use this sugar in their winter dormant period if they are in a temperate zone. (Temperate Zone: parts of the earth’s surface lying between the Arctic Circle and the tropic of Cancer, or between the Antarctic Circle and the tropic of Capricorn.)

Carotenoids are the chemicals that produce yellow, orange, and brown colors in plants such as corn, daffodils, buttercups, and bananas. Anthocyanins are the chemicals which create that lucious red color and some shades of reddish-purple that is often seen in cranberries, red apples, cherries, blueberries, and plums.

Chlorophyll and carotenoids are both present  in the chloroplasts of leaf cells throughout the growing season. (Chloroplasts help capture sunlight and help in photosynthesis.) Anthocyanins are mainly produced in Autumn, in response to bright light and excess plant sugars.

During the growing season, chlorophyll is continuously being broken down and produced and the leaves appear green. However, when the nights get longer, the chlorophyll slows down its production rate, and then eventually disappears altogether, leaving behind only the carotenoids and anthocyanins. Then the colors are unmasked, and we can see their brillinat hues. Some trees turn more colors than other. For example:

  • Oaks: red, brown, russet
  • Hickories: golden-bronze
  • Aspen/Yellow Poplar: golden yellow
  • Dogwood: purple-red
  • Beech: light tan
  • Sourwood/Black Tupelo: crimson
  • Red Maple: bright scarlet
  • Sugar Maple: orange-red
  • Black Maple: glowing yellow
  • Striped Maple: almost colorless
  • Elms: these leaves are sad, they simply shrivel up and fall to the ground, usually in a drab brown color.

Once winter begins to approach, the weather begins to get colder and plants begin to suffer. Leaves and flower buds would freeze in the winter so they either have to toughen up or fall to their death. The reason the leaves fall at the end of this glorious period of color is because the veins that carry liquid in and out of the leaf slowly close off and a layer of cells form at the base. Once the separation is complete and the connecting tissue is completely sealed, the leaf is ready to fall. However, pines and evergreens are tougher than usual leaves. their scale-like cover is coated with a waxy coating that protects the pine and the veins have a liquid that keeps its substances from freezing. Evergreen needles can survive for many years but they eventually fall out because of old age. Once the leaves and pines fall, they decay in the ground and become nutrient rich soil for things to grow in, such as more trees.

And that is the end of my educational…whatever this is. I don’t know. I was in a science-y mood.

Brain Dominance

16 Sep

Art is my life.
It’s so simple. I love art, breathe art, puke art, etc. etc. The ‘earth’ without ‘art’ is just ‘eh’. (Get it? Cause I separated the letters and stuff and yeah…) Art had become something I cannot separate myself from.
Anyway, my teacher was talking about the brain and how it effects our artistic abilities. (BTW my art teacher is totally awesome.) He said that right handed people are left brained and left handed people tended are right brained. Now, here’s the thing. The left side of the brain centers on symbols and time and being organized, in other words objective. The right side of the brain centers on visuals, geometry, poetry… In other words, the right side is subjective! Not objective. Also, the right hand is connected to the left brain, and the left hand is connected to the right brain. (I guess the wires in our head are crossed and that’s what makes us humans so damn crazy.) Basically, if you are left-handed, you may have a slight advantage over right-handed artists because of how your brain perceives things.
HOLD IT!! I said MAYBE. I never said it was definite. And now, I am going to prove that the slight advantage left-handed artists may or may not have is not the case for everyone. So don’t get discouraged.
I now this sounds wierd but fold your hands together. Which thumb is on the top? Now, cross your arms. Which arm is on top? If the right thumb is on top, it is a sign on left brain dominance. Same with the arm. Right arm on top=left brain dominance. Which means you have the possible disadvantage. However, my left thumb in on top, and when I cross my arms, my left arm is on top as well. Which means right-brain dominance and I could possibly have an advantage. Well, except for the fact that I am right-handed… But anyway, I use my left hand more than my right soooo I guess it’s a sign than I am completely confused and they cancel each other out and there is no longer an advantage or disadvantage for me and this blog entry is ridiculous.

Artistic Shoes and a Problematic English Class

14 Sep

Shhhh don’t tell anyone but I am, sitting in my english class ‘working on my analytical essay.’

It’s not the worst thing I’ve done so don’t get your panties all in a bunch!

Anyway, I spent two hours last night drawing on my old shoes. They aren’t all grubby and crap but I though that they needed some color. So, out comes the sharpies. However, I only have five colors so that really limits my artistic-ness… For example: I have over 300 colored pencils at home. Great for drawing on paper, but not on shoes. (I suppose all of you aloof art-major people would find a way to draw on your shoes with colored pencils but I’m not a smarty-pants like you. So shut it.) Here’s the thing about sharpies: they bleed like heck. I have to draw little itty-bitty lines and continue to draw over them until the color is dark enough for me to be happy. Gawd.

Ok, enough about my shoes. Onto my demise: the Dreaded Analytical Essay of Doom!!

I had to read the book, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho for summer reading. Today, we are working on writing an essay for that book. Here’s the problem: I am the world’s worst english student when it comes to writing papers. I put off writing the essay or whatever the hell they give me until the day before it is due. (Not that it really matters, I still get 100% on them.) I do the same thing for tests, the whole study-last-minute-and-cram routine that all high-school students are fond of. Heck, I even do my math homework ten minutes before the first bell. Anyway, my point is, I don’t like to take my time writing. I rush it and write whatever crap comes in my head. (When it comes to school, the crap in my head is usually good entertaining crap. Otherwise it’s just stupid crap. Like this blog.)
It’s just too bad. I miss my last minute writing adventures. Now I’m forced to actually think.

Makeup Mishap

14 Sep

This is what happens when I realize that I have run out of liquid eyeliner.
And then the world ends.
Ok, maybe the world doesn’t end but I pretty much have a meltdown because 3 things happen when my eyeliner runs out:
1. I can no longer create my dark gothic-y eyes.
2. I won’t be able to run to the store until my mom feels like going because I can’t drive yet.
3. I’m forced to revert back to plain mascara and I end up looking a bit more on the preppy side. Ew.
So, as you can see, my normal thick inky black eyeliner is the finishing touch to my look, the icing on the cake. Without it, I feel incomplete.
Stupid makeup producers.

I apologize for a shorter entry, but it’s a school morning and I am a zombie.

Messy Handwriting Befuzzles Me

7 Sep

Ever had that awkward moment in school when you are working in a group and someone writes a summary of your topic to read out loud to the class and his handwriting is so messy you can’t read it? Here’s my solution: Stand there awkwardly and after a really long pause say,
“Erm… What’s this word? And this one? And that… And that one… YOU KNOW WHAT TAKE THE PAPER!!”
In this way I manage to make the whole class laugh and not only embarrass my classmate who wrote the paper, but also myself.
Sloppy handwriting is something that plaugues our lazy American soil without relent. In senarios like the one shown above, you make it perfectly clear that the person writing has spent waaaaay too many hours playing COD. (For the uninformed, COD stands for Call Of Duty.) So, it is apparently up to me to stand up for the good ol’ fashioned pen and paper since nobody else has the balls to do it. (Seriously though, I’m such a hypocrite because I’m typing this out on my iphone keyboard. AND this is a blog. It’s all computerized and typed.)
I suppose that messy handwriting isn’t all that bad all long as the person writing is trying his hardest to make his (or her) handwriting neat. But the real problem is when neon colored pens come into the picture.
I have no problem with colored pens. In fact, I LOVE colorful writing utensils. But I have an issue when colored pens and school cross paths. If I have a friend who is taking notes for me when I am out, I shed a few tears when she hands me 5 neat pages. No, not because of the length of the pages, but because of the color of ink she happened to use. Specifically, neon orange.
Now, neon orange is great for crossing off things in your assignment book and checking things off and doodling with. However, writing is not one of the things a neon orange pen is good for. It’s so bright that is seems to leap off the paper and it’s ridiculously hard to read. So, don’t write in neon orange. Or neon yellow. Or any neon color for that matter. They are just hard to read, messy handwriting or not.
I know this is kind of random, but have you ever checked out a doctors handwriting? It’s simply horrid!! It seems like all doctors have a sloppy alphabet and need to go back to 1st grade so they can learn to write. However, I think they can write well, but they are too rushed with taking care of their patients to put great care into penmanship.
My own handwriting isn’t bad, it’s clearly legible and neat. However, I do admit that my lowecase ‘g’ and ‘y’ and sometimes my ‘q’ have an abnormally long tail. Normally, when you finish a lowercase ‘g’, the tail extends halfway through the line below it. For me, the tail extends through two lines, sometimes a whole three! Also my lowercase ‘d’ has a long upward tail that tends to go through the line above it.
I do have messy handwriting sometimes, and when it’s messy, it’s chicken scratch. But I try to stick to neat penmanship simply because my friends ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over how ‘fancy’  and/or ‘edgy’ my handwriting is.
But in all seriousness, people should really work on better handwriting. Who knows? Maybe it could get you a good job. Unless you are, of course, a doctor. Then they could give a poop.

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