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The Cats Awaken

24 Oct









Look closely at some of the pictures of Galaxy. You can see her yawning and her teeth are really sharp. She yawned at least three times in a row. Jessie decided to stare at Galaxy until they got bored and jumped off the bed. Oh well. I was kind of hoping they would fight so I could get some good pictures but they were boring. Maybe another day…
Oh, and I will post pictures of the final finished art project tomorrow so sit tight.


I Iz Late…Sowwy

20 Oct

So I was busy napping yesterday, that’s why I didn’t get to pet the keyboard yesterday. Right now I am sitting on Mistress Calypsos phone, she says she downloaded an app the lets her blog on the go. Creative, these apple people are.
But that is not important. My mistress was frantic these past few days because she had this thing due today that she called an Art Project. Well, she said that she is going to post pictures of the finished product soon, and she is happy to report that it was turned in on time. My mistress was very happy.

But I can’t talk now. Mistress is watching Person of Interest and I must join her in dividing all attention on the big blinking black box.

Ahhh… Bliss

17 Oct


Jessie Wants To Say Hello

12 Oct


Hello, my faithful followers. I am here, pawing the keyboard because Mistress Calypso is extremely tired and her brain does not want to blog today. I came up with this grand idea in my little fluffy head that I could blog every Wednesday for Mistress Calypso, and share my ideas on this… bloggity thingy. Now she no longer has to worry about blogging every single day because she will have me, her faithful Kat, as her Royal Assistant.

But today, I will start off by talking about the Peoples.

Peoples are very strange. They think it cool to put on these things they call clothes and walk around in them. Why you put on these things? Me, a Kat, am happy with no clothes. I am happy to be wearing nothing because I have my fur. You Peoples are strange because you only have fur on your head, and an awful lot of it too. Now why does this be? I think it to be oddness. You should try growing fur everywhere, so that you not need clothes. Oh, and why you be so loud? Your meows are very lound and make no sense at all. Try speaking like a Kat. It is all about body language. You use your tail to tell other Kats how you feel! But first, you need a tail. You seem to not have a tail at all, unless you hide them in shame. But I doubt it. The closest thing you have to a tail is those long wavy things on the ends of your paws. They be very strange.

Go Away, You Human!

10 Oct

Me thinks she does not want her picture taken.

Me Want Yogurt!

3 Oct

Feet don’t taste to good…

Ooooo, me want yummy yogurt instead!!

I Feel Rejected

3 Oct


Why you blog on the bright box thing on the desk when you could be petting me?

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