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It’s Not a “Cool Story, Bro.” This is Depressing, So Listen Up.

11 Jan

My Friend: Cool story, bro.

Me: WHAT?!! Were you NOT listening to that incredibly awesome and inspiring lecture I gave you on the difference between the words ‘their’ and ‘there?!!’

My friend: …Not really. Was I supposed to?

Me: -___- I hate you.

And this is my reaction to people when they say, “Cool story, bro.” It’s kind of rude and inconsiderate, especially if I was talking about something¬†really important to me. And usually I don’t talk about serious stuff because I am an incredibly stupid person who doesn’t take things seriously. (Actually, I lie. I’m extremely¬†gullible. Once my friend was telling this really crazy story about what he did after school one day and I totally believed him.) Anyway, it’s just… annoying. What if you were talling me about how your cat died and you were all sad and stuff and I said,

“Cool story, bro. Tell it again. Oh, and while you’re at it can you make me a sammich? With mustard. Yeah. Mustard.”

Like dude. Seriously? That was incredibly rude, even without the sammich-making part.

So yeah. You got to see a piece of my mind today. YAY!!

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