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My Bodily Heater Has Died, And I’m Hungry

15 Dec

I have a huge problem. I can’t seem to stay warm. Every time I have to go outside I immediately start shivering even though I have three coats on. Some of my best friends retain heat really well, and when I’m outside with them I practically hang off of them so I can steal their body heat. Yes. I know I kind of resemble a leech when it comes to warmth. That would also explain my unsightly attachment to my friends furry gray blanket. It just so warm and fuzzy…
-creepy smile-
But ANYWHOO, yeah. I don’t know how to stay warm when I’m outside. No matter what I do, I always end up freezing cold in the end. It makes me detest the holidays. I can’t wait until I can drive.
Another problem I have is the Munchies.
The Munchies for me are this irrisistable craving to eat anything and everything in sight. I will literally eat right through you if you get in my way. You can tell if I have the Munchies because there will be a trail of crumbs and wrappers from the food I am so hungrily devouring. Last time this happened, I ate a bajillion granola bars, a box of snack mix, a bunch of yogurt, and probably about six jars of pistachios. The only reason I stopped was because my mom told me it was dinner, so you can add a huge salad to the ever-growing list of food. Yes I am aware of this problem, and I’m working on getting it under control. But you will never understand the power of the Munchies unless you have experienced them first hand, as I have.
Oh, the horror!

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