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Brain Traveling

29 Jan

So today is a random day. HOORAY!! So I’m going to talk about whatever comes up in my mind.

Hmmm… how about ice-skating? That’s new. Yeah. It’s kind of dangerous, if you think about. I mean, you’re prancing around on a really slippery surface with a pair of extremely sharp blades strapped to your feet. Wow. That’s… extreme. And on top of that you’re jumping and spinning, and if you’re dancing as a couple, some guy is throwing you across the ice and swinging you around with your head barely an inch from the surface. That’s practically asking for disaster. If I tried something like that, there would be blood everywhere and someone would have to scrape my remains off the ice. Eww. Not a pleasant picture.

Let’s see what else I can talk about.

School! Well, it’s the start of a new quarter, so it means a fresh start for me. The second quarter is always when my grades drop the most, and then from there I make a steady incline and have pretty good grades by the end of the year. SO these next two quarters should be good ones for me. YAY!!

And let us see what else is in my mind as we trek across my brain in search of good topics to discuss?

Hmmm… nothing?

Wow. I’m losing my edge. I should go out and do something incredibly stupid and dangerous and exciting so I can tell you guys all about it and you can laugh at me and call me an idiot and beg me to do more stupid stuff!

Yeah, that sounds about right.


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