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A Belated New Year

6 Jan

So it’s a new year.
And that means resolutions.
Resolutions can be very good and very bad in some ways. They are good because they inspire us to change our bad habits and make ourselves a better person. However, these resolutions can also be what brings us down. We become so focused on who we are and our flaws and how we must change ourselves. We let these ideas run away in our imagination and we realize that we are not the beautiful perfect creatures that we thought we were. And that sucks. It’s like getting your pride stabbed when you’re most vunerable.
I was texting one of my best guy friends who I have become very close to in the past few months, and he confessed to me that he was not satisfied with who he was. Even though I think of him as a wonderful person and look up to him, he still feels flawed. However, he has accepted those flaws and just tries to be himself, which I respect greatly. I myself have the same problem, I am not satisfied with who I am and what I look like. I sometimes wish I was someone else, but I’ve come to realize this past year and a half that I can’t be someone I’m not. And talking to this guy really helped me even more. I recognize my flaws, I just need to embrace them as well.
And that’s my resolution. To stay true to myself, even if people can’t handle me. Because in the end, nobody likes a fake girl. And that’s exactly the opposite of who I want to be.
I have also made a resolution to blog more. Stupid interwebz glitches. ._.

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