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25 Jan

SOOOOOOO the reason I haven’t been blogging for the last couple weeks is because I got grounded. This is the only time I’ve had in a while to actually blog. Oh, the horror!

But what I wanted to talk about is birthdays.

I just HATE it when you realize you’re friend’s birthday is coming up and you haven’t gotten them anything yet. Now, with me it’s simple. I always get people something, and I usually get it around a month in advance. However, this month wasn’t exactly the case. What with me getting in trouble, it being the new year, and mid-terms, I haven’t gotten around to getting this guy anything yet. OMGZ! (Oh my gawd zombies) It bugs me to the extreme, and I’m started to get worried. What if I never get him anything? (Ridiculous, I know. I have time, I think I’ll make it.) I HAVE to get him something! I will feel horribly guilty and seem like such a monster. And I don’t want that! Plus, I’m awful when it comes to getting something for a guy. I can go out and shop for hours for my girl friends, but when it’s a guy I’m shopping for I freeze up. I’m not a dude, how should I know what he would ask for on his birthday? With girls it’s always jewelry or makeup or something with glitter and sparkles on it. Guys? Not so much. I don’t think glittery things are considered very manly.

So, that’s my mini rant of the day, the first on in a long time. I’m such a person!

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