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Are You Illiterate?!

15 Dec

It disturbs me greatly that people cannot seem to spell. Especially when technology gets involved. People seem to be increasingly dependent on spell check and other things because they simply cannot figure out the correct spellings to simple words. Some can’t find the difference between their, there, and they’re.
‘There’ is used to describe a location or place.
They left the wrapped gifts there.
‘They’re’ is simply a contraction of ‘they are’
They’re leaving Christmas Gifts at peoples houses.
And ‘their’ is used to indicate possession.
Their hearts were full of holiday cheer as they left gifts at peoples houses
See? Was that so hard to understand?
It also bothers me when people use texting language 24/7. Some people even use it in their rough drafts for English essays! I mean, come on! Using ‘r’ for ‘are’ and ‘u’ for ‘you’ is not acceptable. You’re perfectly capable of using proper grammar in the real world. Texting language should be limited on the internet too. Most of the time when I read things important of the internet with many errors in spelling and grammar I get bored and frustrated with the piece of work and don’t take it seriously. Why? Because it’s unprofessional and makes you look dumb. Limiting your vocabulary only hinders your writing abilities.
Watch me have a million spelling errors on this post.

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