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Word of the Week: Posterize

28 Jan

Posterize v. to print a picture using only a few shades of gray

She posterized the image of herself to hide all the unsightly blemishes.


Word of the Week: Sedulous

7 Jan

Sedulous adj. Working hard and steady; diligent, constant, persistent.

Boxer was an extremely sedulous horse, pulling the hay carts through the crowded renaissance streets at a steady, constant pace, never once faltering on his way to the market.

Word of the Week: Hippopotomonstroses-quipedaliaphobia

17 Dec

I’m not going to bother with whether it’s an adjective or noun or what-not because the word is too darn long.
Definition: the fear of long words.
Lily’s hippopotomontrosesquipadaliaphobia kept her from winning the spelling bee, she couldn’t bring herself to spell a word longer than eleven letters.

I Am Officially Back

1 Dec

Hello people of the world! I am now returned for the rest of the year!! Hooray! INTERNET PARTY!!
And yes I am painfully aware of my fail to keep up with the blog in November, but it’s a fresh month and a fresh start. I am back on track to posting every day, and the Word of the Week will be continued. :3 (Jessie says she also wants in on the fun so every once in a while she will be putting her paws up on the keyboard.)
To all of you NaNoWriMo people, I sadly didn’t win, but I gave it my best shot and it was a great learning experience. I really enjoyed it and next year I will be trying again, fingers crossed! Yes, I am sad that I wasn’t able to win, no, I do not regret spending all my time on NaNoWriMo and not here, but you weren’t forgotten!! I would give you all my readers hugs so you know how much I love you guys but my computer screen is blocking the way. Stupid computer.
But anyway, the game is back on. The future will be filled with entertaining tales of the school year and all the stupid things that come along with the holidays. Enjoy!

Word of the Week: Canoodle

9 Nov

First of all, I would like to apologize for not posting this on Saturday, I kind of forgot for some reason and…yeah. So here it is!

Canoodle: adj. to hug or kiss

Sue affectionately canoodled her cat, glad that she had made it home safely.

Word of the Week: Aquabob

29 Oct

Aquabob: n. an icicle

The one thing that irritates Santa Claus more than reindeer poop on his fancy sleigh paint-job is the presence of spiky aquabobs that create a drag on his ride’s lift.

Word of the Week: Huderon

22 Oct

Huderon: adj. lazy
The huderon cat lay in the sun, it’s huge girth melting over the floor like butter on a pancake.

Word of the Week: Askance

15 Oct

Askance: adv. With suspicion, mistrust, or disapproval.

The undercover NCIS agent looked askance at the criminals offer, trying to decide if he should arrest the man then and there or find out more about his secret operation.

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